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A Sherlockian Mystery


"Outside, on Baker Street, the light from gas lamps is so weak that it barely reaches the pavement. A fog swirls in the air, and the gas gives it a pale yellow glow. Mystery brews in every darkened window, in every darkened room. And a man steps out into that dim, foggy world, and he can tell you the story of your life by the cut of your shirtsleeves. He can shine a light into the dimness, with only his intellect and tobacco smoke to help him."

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This mix is absolutely masterful. It really conjures the feel of the original stories (yes, I've read *all* of them...) and just transports you somewhere else. I had to pause in my work just to appreciate this mix more fully, which is a lot more than I expected from an instrumental mix I put on mostly for background. Thank you for sharing!

... Holy shit, the 'Sherlock' soundtrack totally ripped off the intro to that Saint-Saëns piece for their Adler theme. I wasn't aware of that. Also this mix is lovely!

this mix is just perfect, seriously, i've listened to it for four times now because it is the only thing that gets me in the perfect mood for the story i'm writing :3 so thanks for making it! it's gorgeous.