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The Kingdom of Mirkwood


"I dreamed I was walking in a forest rather like this one, only lit with torches on the trees and lamps swinging from the branches and fires burning on the ground; and there was a great feast going on, going on for ever. A woodland king was there with a crown of leaves, and there was a merry singing, and I could not count or describe the things there were to eat and drink."

  • House of the Undying by Ramin Djawadi
  • The Woodland Realm by Howard Shore
  • the elder scrolls iv oblivion by jeremy soule
  • Into Eternity by Brian Tyler
    dreams and fire illusions
  • Sherlock Series 3 OST [17 Redbeard] by TA_M
  • Scriabin Etude Op.8 No.12 by Yuheng (Adam) Fu
  • Thanatos by Soap&Skin
  • Sounds of Skyrim by Past and Present
8 tracks