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liar, liar || songs for armin and historia


“The best lies about me are the ones I told.”
― Patrick Rothfuss
a mix for two little blondes with hearts like snakes and mouths full of lies.

11 tracks
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i think this playlist has a very good vibe-- two individuals small in stature but very influential, strong people just the same. i enjoy mixes that dont always have romantic context, but. like the idea of these two being so similar in their beliefs. they have sooo many parallels and i think theyre SUPPOSED to. they both just care about the people they care about. there was a quote from a fic that i really liked about armin and i think it works well for the two of them-- their morality is determined by the beating of their friends hearts.

Oh my goodness, did I just find an awesome playlist for my totally unrecognized crack ship OTP? o.0 Thank you SO much for this, it was amazing to listen to. I ship these two rather hard, and liked them both as individuals as well. :D