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You tryna fuck? (Uhuh)


Dedicated to the best weekend with my favorite assholes in the world! Neko-Con 2015 (11/6-11/8).

I'd like to thank my special crew for looking out for me even when my feet are blistered and even when I'm trashed to the point that the general public thinks I might need an ambulance. I'd also like to thank them for willing to walk for three days straight to get to a Rally's. On a scale of Jesus to Stalin how good was that? Anyway, this weekend was intimate in the best way possible. You know you can trust bitches when they're willing to deal with your trashy ass for more than an hour or so. Never once did I feel awkward, or like I couldn't be myself, which means I found who I really belong with. I love the shit out of my crew.

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