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idek ✄❤


♔ call the trash police cuz this is so trashy im ashamed but also in my element ♔

  • TV動画[玉子市场 ED] 睡乱的头发~ねぐせ by Yo Ko 2
  • Opening by Chobits
  • Welcome to the X Dimension by DooDaHumptyHump
  • winter valentine (with mus.hiba) by bo en
  • 02 リサフランク420 現代のコンピュー by RIP Magma
  • friend by bo en
  • バニラと美里BIG CITY NIGHTS (K--C Volume 4 -out OCTOBER 1st-) by マクロスMACROSS 82-99
  • Teen Idle (Wolf Remix) by Marina & the Diamonds
  • Lonely Rolling Star (Grimecraft's Kawaii Klub Remix) by GameChops
  • This is what makes us girls (Dior Remix) by Lana Del Rey
  • Sweet Flute by Khris Rios
11 tracks