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keep fighting like the lion you are / you will tear adversary apart between your teeth and rise victorious / soaked in blood you may be but proud you are always, regardless. you will defend your kingdom with divine fire in your being, for you are untouchable, you are the royal crest that waves in the wind / you are king.

a mix for those boisterous bruisers who will never let the world bring them down, much less forget them; feat. blue link.

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1 comment on WHO'S YOUR HERO!? (OLD)

i have never played a legend of zelda game in my life (i know, a tragedy. i hope to change that soon!) but i saw this mix on tumblr & decided to listen to it anyway. and it's really, really good! i love all of the songs you used, and despite me now knowing the franchise i feel that you got across the feeling of a determined hero really well! i really enjoyed listening to this & now i have a bunch of awesome new songs that i can listen to^^ thank you for making this!