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fanmix yourself!


some notes:

01. (spring)

04. (idk why i’d put that on here so here have another night song)

06. (umm this one was really hard??) (seriously though because of the music not because of the ridiculous almost-pun that I’m not even going to make)

10. (um my entire library please and thank)

13a. (taking the train to paris after a week in normandy)

13b. (hanging out in a hotel room in paris eating melty toblerone and pointing out cute boys from the window)

14. (um where do i start)

15 tracks
1 comment on fanmix yourself!

This is so preeeeetty! (Also your description for 13b is just perfection... One day we must do this together! I have decided.)

A;sdfghkl thank you!! The first time I heard that song was on a French music TV station at our hotel. And it was actually more my roommate pointing and by the time I'd looked it'd be just their backs...but very attractive French ones. So, yes, we shall :)