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Hey, i just posted this over on my IG and i just wanted to say i do love this mix: "While using the 8 tracks app, I went searching for anything that had a Guardians of the Galaxy theme. Some are my speed, some ain't. But I did happen to find Invaders Must Die. And it is absolutely awesome. Just chaotic enough that it fits nicely with Abnett & Lanning's original #gotg tales. Space Madness abounds! Down & dirty one second, all "Flash Gordon" in the next. #8tracks #guardiansofthegalaxy #starlord #peterquill #peterjquill #drax #gamora #rocketraccoon #groot #bug #space #spacemadness #marvel #mantis"

I swear, I've been listening to this playlist for like months and it was so fucking awesome that hooked on a feeling was actually on the fucking trailer!!! I had showed this playlist to my friend and after she saw the trailer she asked me if this playlist was actually the track list for the movie!!

Such a good mix and i remember listening to this the other day, and yesterday when I saw the GotG trailer, I was like ''HEY WAIT A MINUTE, HOOKED ON A FEELING''