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Songs To Listen To When I'm Bored

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just some songs i think are good :3

  • Hey There Harley by Broadway Karkat
  • Broadway Karkat ft Case by Knight Of Blood Remake
  • Ave Mary Am By ♋Broadway Karkat♋ by ✎_国國国♌Sonido☁
  • Matespritship by ♋Broadway karkat♋ ️️
  • Love Me Drowned by ♋EriKar♒
  • Broadway!Karkat&Nepeta ~That's How You Know by ✎_国國国♌Sonido☁
  • Homestuck (Karkat Be Trolled In Your Dreams) by ThemFansongs
  • 【Broadway Karkat】Strider Be Mine [Vinniemix] — Lyrics by Maka Alburn
  • Horns Over Heels (karkat Broadway) by ThemFansongs
  • Ugly Story by Hamsters
10 tracks
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