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Pino Palladino Sample Discography


In my opinion, the hippest bass player today is Pino Palladino. Pino's sound is all around us as he's contributed to many great albums.

11 tracks
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this comment comes a little late, but i cant not comment on Pino!! he sure is fantastic! between JM3 & The Who, you just can't go wrong! Saw him play with The Who in October '08- just fabulous! Played amazingly, added to the show, but knew he could never replace Entwhistle

I forgot a few ones yesterday:
"can't explain" & "I keep" Jill Scott 2004
"I tried" Anthony Hamilton 2003
"Change your world" Anthony Hamilton 2005
"Hollywood" Erykah Badu Bamboozled soundtrack 2000
"You be alright" Musiq Soulchild 2000
"My Joy" Leela James 2004
"All good ?" De La Soul feat.Chaka Khan 2000
"Get it together" Omar 2006 (bass,guitar & co-writing)
"Rich man's welfare" Strenght(EP) R.H.Factor 2004
He plays on most of the tracks of" How do you call it ? " by Patrice.2002
ah,also 2 tracks on "Zen badizm" by I.G.Culture 2008 (a bit hard to find !)
and 4 tracks on "Same as it never was" by The Herbalizer 2008
Well,I think that's it (for the neo-soul section at least!) So,keep your ears open cause sometimes Pino isn't even credited (like on "My joy" by Leela James:just listen,it's obviously him!)

it's a cool idea to create such a mix but i'm afraid Pino don't play on some of the tracks you've picked (with Tears for fears,for instance,he only plays on "badman's song"(huge!)&"standing on the corner of the third world"(on fretless).On Erykah Badu's "Mama's gun",he plays on "penitenciary philosophy","cleva","A.D.2000" and the third part of "green eyes".On Herbie's "Possibilities",he only plays on the track with Paul Simon.
You can also hear him on the following tracks
"lil darling" Talib Kweli's "Quality" 2002
"get to heaven" Common "like water for chocolate" 2000
"sometimes" Bilal "first born second" 2001
"heaven" Common "electric circus" 2003
"water get no enemy" with d'Angelo,Macy Gray& the Soultronics "Red,hot & riot"(tribute to Fela) 2002
"love want&need you" Jaguar Wright...2002
4 tracks on Femi Kuti's"fight to win" 2002...
and also on the whole Amos Lee "last days at the lodge" 2008...
I have to stop now because I have to eat :-) see ya,guys!

pino "pocket" palladino. always tasteful. makes you bob your head to the groove and smile... i first heard him on D'Angelo's Voodoo (2000) a few tracks come to mind...... "Feel like makin love" "Chicken Grease" & "Send it On" .... also, listen to RH Factor "Hard Groove", some great work on that

you're right! i'm looking for tracks if you have any...just upload them through 8tracks and i'll add them to the mix

Thanks for this mix - Pino is a unique bass voice in modern music. My only comment is that perhaps this mix doesn't really"show off" some cuts that demonstrate what exactly makes his voice unique on bass. No Paul Young cuts, D'Angelo or the breathtaking solo from David Gilmore's track "Murder" from his About Face album from the mid 80's.