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Fitness Series: Vol 1 | 30min


A tailored and curated playlist for people looking to run 30min. This can be outdoors or treadmill. The tracks have been selected to provide a base warm up, high intensity running, and then a structured cool down.

FITNESS NOTE - Each track as the type and training outcome in the notes/annotations! This will help guide you.

Please let me know if you would like other styles!

  • Warm Shadow (The Finyl Tweek Alteration) by Fink
    WARM UP - Slow pace, but increasing to allow for blood flow.
  • La La La (James Egbert Remix) by Naughty Boy feat. Sam Smith
    INTERVALS - Through the verse, slow down, then in the chorus/upbeat section run faster or treadmill sprints. You will find short and medium sections to challenge you.
  • Replay (Cahill Radio Edit) by Zendaya
    STRIDES: Take your treadmill UP either +2 or +3 (More if needed). Then hold for track. Increase pace through chorus, slow through verse. Outdoors, hold a sprint with longer strides during the chorus.
  • Sitting At Home by Hunter Parrish
    ACTIVE RECOVERY: A short interval to allow you to recover some heart rate before the next group of tracks. Keep pace either treadmill or outdoors to an easy jog.
  • Avicii ft. Audra Mae - Addicted To You (WasteLand Bootleg) by WasteLandMusic
    INTERVALS 2 - This set of intervals provides a longer intensity chorus sets. Slower pace through verse, and faster through chorus (And hold it for the entire block - don't give up on it).
  • Domino (DRM vs. Dayz Bootleg) Prev. by Jessie J
    HEAVY HILL - So time to CRANK up the Treadmill to a steep climb and keep going - it's a short track so stay with it. If your outdoors, find a hill OR maximum sprint during the chorus/Up Beat section. Either way you should be at your maximum heart rate.
  • On Top Of The World - RAC Remix by Imagine Dragons
    COOL-DOWN - This will allow you to bring your heart rate down. Slow the treadmill to an easy pace and hold. Outdoors slow your pace. Then stretch when you're ready.
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