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AB Radio 21

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The Job Interview Divide students into groups of two. One student in each team is A, and one is B. A and B are assigned an occupation. Each student draws a character trait. A interviews B for the job as both players expand on their primary trait The scene should last three minutes Examples Accident prone A interviews cheerful B for a job at Kawaii Crepe. Exasperated A interviews lonely B for a job as school janitor. Finicky A interviews paranoid B as a math teacher. Occupations Art Dealer Chambermaid Chef Candy Maker Chimney Sweeper Clown Blood Bank Worker Country Western Singer Dancer Nurse Dentist Shoe salesperson Astronaut Aerobics instructor Gardener Hairstylist Librarian Makeup Artist Nanny Plastic Surgeon Lawyer Photographer Server Super model Sumo wrestler Tattoo artist Ventriloquist Tree Farmer Plumber Actor Police Officer Firefighter Politician Secretary Character Traits Creepy Envious Eccentric Confident Compassionate Childish Calm Guilty Gutsy Hateful Heroic Insane Jittery Ignorant Hyper Hopeful Humiliated Humble Innocent Magical Paranoid Loved Lucky Radiant Shaky Timid Tense Uptight Wild Wise Stiff Spiritual