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I Have 3 Degrees: THIS is the Best Study Mix


Music that will keep you engaged *and* able to focus on the reading and writing that needs to be completed. There are no lyrics in this mix, and tracks have been picked from a super-wide selection of genres. From the charango of Gustavo Santaolalla to the epic landscapes of This Will Destroy You and Explosions in the Sky, this is one of the best study/atmospheric compilations on 8tracks!

19 tracks
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Artful Dawkins, whoever you are. Thank you a million times over for this mix. Onto my third degree and this is still ever present. Additionally for the comments below. Been listening to this for years, some got the songs got changed. But it doesn't really matter, take a break when you hear the lyrics.

This is really helping me out in med school. Love all of these tracks. Hope you'll make more study playlists!

love this mix! i'm a law student and this definitely helped me in studying one of my more boring subjects. thanks!