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Is it my fault? " yes "

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And in the rainy night of a wednesday, he decided to pick up the ringing phone on the abandoned table in the large untidy café with the glassdoors reminding him of freedom.

"Who is this?"

"You stole my heart and threw it out the window, how could you.."

"what? Is it my fault?"

" yes. I hate you, I despice you..- How could you ever forget."

And like that, the call was cancelled, leaving him thrown back and in his own thoughts about what he'd ever come to forget, not sensing the other's tears running down his cheeks on the other side of the glassdoors as he turned around and left, every hope forgotten in the rain.

"how could you ever forget." He mumbled, walking away from the glassdoors and into the lonely night of Seoul, umbrella squeezed close to his heart as he let the tears fall.

He forgot his heart

in the sleepless night of Seoul he'd let his heart be taken away in exchange for another's which was already rotten.