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2 comments on I MISS YOU

i love this mix alot, this is my go-to-mix everynight it helps me sleep \(^_^)/ may i know who the artist of the pic is? i like it alot too... i wanna see more of that persons works... Thank you for this!!

This might sound creepy but holy cow literally ALL your playlists are genres/styles/languages that I listen to omg haha I love your playlists. I'm also from Canada, Hi :D

@reminiscealways Hey, doesn't sound creepy at all! Thanks for listening :) where abouts in Canada do you live? btw if you have any song suggestions or anything, let me know so I can include some hehe

@artificialness Alberta :DD, you? Hmmmm for instrumentals, since it seems like we have the same taste in music you should check out this Korean artist named "July" they're mostly piano and they're all really good ^^ My favourite one from them is titled "In Love"