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Princess Knight [RP]


"There's a village at the borders of Essetir, where there lived Kayla, a young woman like none other.
Valiant, witty, out going, independent and most of all, just.
What if she was a part of something bigger? What if her new future was to be in Camelot?"

A fanfiction that I published became a hit and I am so proud of it. I realized how important it is for me to make a playlist dedicated to it.
Check it out here!

Dedicated to my fans, you support me more than ever.

Track guide :
1: Theme Song
2-5 : Personality
6-7 : Backstory
8-9 : Relationship with Merlin
10-11: Relationship with Gwaine
12-13 : Relationship with Arthur
14-15 : Relationship with the Knights

15 tracks
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