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Have a new single to promote? Make a mix on 8tracks. Our 6 million+ listeners love 8tracks for its depth of selection and higher-quality music discovery. Our audience is mostly aged 18-24 — a higher concentration than any other digital music service — and has the best music taste around (we'll admit we're biased).

Artists use 8tracks to promote their material, but more importantly to engage with their fans in a meaningful and authentic environment. Connect directly with your audience, grow your following, and establish your status as a tastemaker in your genre.

Here's how it works:

  • Create a profile and write us — ideally with a few links showing us you're for real and that your songs are available commercially
  • We'll hook you up with an 8tracks artist badge and help promote your mixes
  • Add the 8tracks player to your website; we built it in HTML5 to allow for playback on the iPad and other mobile devices
  • Connect your other accounts, so our audience can find you on SoundCloud, Facebook, Twitter, and the rest

We also have ways to promote your original content directly to our DJs — the everyday curators who make mixes that drive trends across our entire site. You can opt to participate in our new, online music library, and we'll place your music in the 8tracks cloud for all to discover.

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