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As long as we're together.


This is a mix for my original characters, of my original story.

For Aiden Wells and Nora Anderson, two people who beyond all ended up falling in love. Beyond their differences, their secrets and their families.

"Then came New Year and I was scared that I would hurt anyway. That's when I realized that I wanted you. The fact that I could have hurt you destroyed me inside. That's when I understood everything. I love you, Nora Anderson."

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This mix is perfect to write scenes that they seem that they do not matter but they end up turning into the base of a relationship between principal characters. It is romantic something, slightly rebellious and also slightly melancholy. In addition, I know your novel, and your characters, and I say that it is perfect for them. To check the novel with this mix playing is going to be simply perfect.
I should be writing this in Spanish.
Love you.