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Classical Music for Studious Cats


3+ hours of quiet, adagio/largo early, baroque, classical, and romantic music good for reading, studying, writing, or relaxing (preferably with a cat nearby). Composers such as Locatelli, Bach, Telemann, Forqueray, Galilei, Pergolesi, Muffat, Spohr.

53 tracks
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@asaiber Mr. Theodore: Bravo! I just finished listening. Your furry ears are on the mark. I loved hearing Jordi Savall, he's always so versatile, and the last cuts played by Edward Ardwell had me hanging on every note (he is new to me). Thanks for making the nasty cold commutes of the last few days a bit more worth it.

@lewzsr The late Theodore would be thrilled to hear such praise and that he helped with a commute. He himself never commuted, but I am sure he dreamed of what travel outside the house would be like.

Wonderful wonderful mix, thank you so much. It helps me so much going on with my long writing sessions these days... Can you give me the exact reference of the piece by Chopin called "Largo", towards the end of the mix, I love it but cannot figure out which piece it is (a Nocturne?).