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medieval and renaissance music (early music)


2 and 1/2 hours of early music (sacred and secular). Many pieces are based on surviving early manuscripts and exemplars of scores. Two tracks are in Latin and monophonic, but written by a contemporary band (I won't say who!). First half begins with medieval dance pieces (e.g. estampie, saltarello) and moves to quieter tracks (ends with Gregorian chants). Second half begins with quiet Renaissance pieces and builds to dance. About half of the tracks have words (in Italian, French, Spanish, and Latin). A mix of genres/forms such as organum, plainchant, ars nova, madrigal, ballata, motet, passacaglia. Performances by Hilliard Ensemble, The Tallis Scholars, The Quink Vocal Quartet, Les Sacqueboutiers, New London Consort, Ullsamer Collegium, etc.

39 tracks
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