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Listen for traditional accompaniments to the lyrical play of amorous sports in the new forest! This aural San/Ashitaka spring manifesto features compositions with soaring woodwinds, Asian strings, and natural sounds of birdsong and runlet purl interspersed with the occasional piano piece.

When one asks me, oh my, to what kind of music I'd imagine Ashitaka and San having sex in my incorrigibly prurient brain, well, this might be something close to it. Not that you did, but one can only hope. ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)

12 tracks
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(also, there were some hearts in that comment, but since 8tracks resents me and my use of emojis, you'll just have to imagine them there! oh well.)

@fiertia it's all right!!! i'm conjuring up all the hearts in my heart's heart. please do so the same in yours; i'm sending you lots of them too.