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As long as you walked the earth.


"I would never be happy with anyone else as long as you walked the earth. And I think you feel the same way."

Dedicated to Mary & Matthew Crawley. A mix that recounts their journey together, and the phenomenal love story they created.

Track listing -

22 tracks
3 comments on As long as you walked the earth.

when 'please don't say you love me' came on I instantly Liked it, a fabulous mix that captured their love, thank you so much for making this! BRAVO x

This is a beautiful mix for a beautiful couple. When the Call by Regina Spektor came on, I almost burst into tears, because that's the song that I've always related to Mary and Matthew. And then the Ludovico Einaudi song came on and I was a mess. Thank you for this amazing playlist!

Ah it is only a pleasure! Thank you for your kind message. Glad you got the references I attempted to draw through the songs :D. xx