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Songs To Listen To When Angry.

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Excuse me, who the fuck are you? 1. I don't even know you. 2. No one asked for your opinion. Did you see some kind of sign that said "Please leave an uneducated, inconsiderate, sexist opinion on whether or not you think this is an adequate portrayal of anger." NO. You fucking didn't. Also, who crowned you the king of musical interpretation. Who deemed metal/screamo the only genre of rage. This is MY reflection of MY anger. This is NOT me trying to represent YOUR anger. I don't give a shit about your anger. You're not superior; you're pathetic. You're not all knowing; you're an asshole. (Hey look! I can use a semi colon too!) Lastly, me being a woman has no bearing on my ability to assemble a playlist. My being a woman affects my better developed sense of emotion, which, in turn, affects my interpretation of what gets me angry and what perpetuates my anger. So yes, this was "definitely made by a woman". A woman who has more dignity than to find some random person's playlist to diminish for no apparent reason. (Also, you don't even have any playlists on you're account so my playlist wins by default. This was a website created for the purpose of sharing music and listening to music, not to degrade other people's taste.)

Not enough metal / scream-o. I would consider it to be a 'soft' version of being mad. You're not mad; you're upset. You're not furious; you're anxious. Definitely made by a woman.