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A tragic tale of Two

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1: When Romeo was first meeting Juliet, when he was watching her and the first conversation they had
2: When Romeo and Juliet started to date, planing the wedding
3: When Romeo and Juliet finally get married, and it is their Honey Moon
4:When Tybalt fights Mercutio and wins, soon than fighting Romeo after Romeo pulls out his sword for the death of his friend
5: Because Juliet drinks the what The Priest gives that makes her fall asleep, but people thinks she is dead
6:Romeo being banished for life for killing Juliet's Cousin.
7: Romeo finding out about Juliet's "death", and he was cursing the death of the stars, when he goes to the drug dealer to get the poison
8: Romeo drinking the poison and when he was speaking before his death.
9: When Romeo dies and Juliet wakes up to see the sudden death of her beloved husband and Paris, Friar Laurence running to hide leaving her to try to end herself, kissing Romeo's lips and than killing herself with the gun (sword) ending herself to be with her Romeo.