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electrostudy vol. 4


Volume four of electrostudy is here. School recently started back up, and I find myself wanting to listen to these songs while I study.

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ahh, as I kept making electrostudy mixes less and less people were paying attention to them. I am continuing them, just under different titles. my most recent one is called Study Vibes, check it out, I think you'll like it! thanks for listening :)

It's nice to see you back on 8tracks uploading new mixes :) ! Where have you been all this summer :p ! Another cool one though perfect for Back To School Time ==> LIKE
I also made some cool mixes so if you wanna hear them I'll be glad !

haha I didn't have much inspiration to make mixes over the summer, my more recent ones haven't been doing well so I took a small break. I will be making them more frequently now. I'll check yours out sometime! Thanks for listening