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R&B BayBayyy


If you were born after 1990 changes are that you won't know wth these songs are.

My 80's babies, you're welcome :D

17 tracks
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born '93 & I have much more of a broader understanding for r&b music that came out in the 90's .. most of where I get my good taste of music was from my childhood memories of the music that made that era the shit. I absolutely love r&b music, it's in my soul. it's sad that you think that there's kids in the 90's that didn't ever hear any of it cuz I'm pretty sure there's a lot of people in the early 90's that know bout 112 & Boyz2Men, & Aaliyah, Ja Rule etc . But I appreciate the doubt factor, it makes me feel so young entirely lol. good playlist nonetheless bruh