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"He felt it so close, and yet it was far away. He just could see way beyond the horizon. It was wrong, and because of that, Marcus had broken everybody, including himself and the one he loved the most.
If only he could go back.
Marcus had reached out to touch what he desired the most, and then he fell. Taking everything with him"
- A mix for Marcus Solani, the lost boy who didn't want to be found, whose ambition took him further than he'd have ever imagined.

34 tracks
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In fact, I AM WRITING IT. ahsjahsjdh But the thing is, I'm Brazilian. So, I'm writing it in Portuguese. Maybe later I could try to translate the first chapters and post it on Deviantart for you, but I'm not sure it would be that good :S You have NOO idea how this comment made my day! I've been so insecure about my stories... You'll see more later when I post other mixes. BTW, I'm posting another one of this series right now. Go check it out! *OOO*