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the first possession

4 comments on the first possession

Alright, I'm further in. Great choice in making everything feel unnatural and completely hair-raising once the demon and human have presumably been mixed. It's only when they mix that things become scary and monstrous (almost as if the demon is casuing the mortal to display the monstrous traits that they 'expect' of possession, not necessarily what is actually occurring - I might be totally wrong but man, this is a clever mix.

Just from the first very thoughtful choice in introduction, I can tell that this mix is going to be thoughtful and filled with a pulpable sense of hair-rasing sounds that still manage to feel...natural? is that the word? maybe 'ture to a demon's nature' - at least, as relative to the demons' own perspective. I like that this is exploring possession as something that is not wholly terrifying or reprehensible, but rather something that is merely different and terrifyingly sensual (and yeah, probably a little bit malevolent).