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threaded matter


The trees became cobwebs and the heart a sticky black fluid that mummified her throat. She knotted her fingers, again and again, over and over to relieve an itch that spidered her spine. All it did was leave an ashen taste on her grey tongue.

[Cover Art: Aruna Rao]

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@Catbuggy :O \(^o^)/ yaaaaaaaaaaay! woopaa! I be dooin the jiggy jiggy boogie(man) dance! hahaha. I had an idea to do a dark playlist earlier, but when I listened to The Pomegranate Seed, I was like.. oooo I want mine to be quiet and haunting, not the orchestral darkness. Took a lot of re-edits and finally chucked a good number of tracks and settled on these. Haha, the description is totally inspired by you too. :D So I guess this is a dedication to you. heehee. ^_^