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Chasing Divinity


A playlist for haunted souls that roam the night, searching for a moment of bliss; for nights spent underneath the grotesque light of neon signs, with cigarette smoke filling your lungs; for hedonistic youths wasting away in the chase for divinity.

[ t r a c k l i s t: ]

  • Laura Palmer by Bastille
    walking out into the dark // cutting out a different path // lead by your beating heart
  • Arrival In Nara by Alt-J
  • Nara by Alt-J
  • Younger (Kygo Remix) by Seinabo Sey
    how your mind will leave you hanging your heart lingering // (stay lost) // then found by whoever stays around forgetting // there is a way to be yourself, I assure you this
  • Run Boy Run by Woodkid
    run boy run // this world is not made for you // run boy run // they’re trying to catch you // run boy run // running is a victory // run boy run // beauty lays behind the hills
  • Evelyn Evelyn by Evelyn Evelyn
    at your side, i feel like a ghost // i wake up first, and i stare at you sleeping
  • Eels I Need Some Sleep by Lucas Tovar
    i'm in too deep // and the wheels keep spinning 'round // everyone says i'm getting down too low // everyone says you just gotta let it go
  • 15. Angel On Fire (Full Song) by MichaelJoeJacksonBeLIEver
    oh i'm an angel, an angel on fire // and i'm burning to escape the cold // haunted, i'm swimming in the dead sea // try as i may to shine in the darkness
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