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☆ kill is a cynic who runs an aesthetics blog and gon is, in killua's opinion, the physical manifestation of a dog meme ☆
modern teens au bc srsly killua would think that hes //so// cool js.. so yea this is a chill mix B)
LAST UPDATED: 09/21/15
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aaaaaa I know I've commented before, but I decided to revisit this playlist bc I!! absolutely love it too much maybe,, and I've noticed that you said you dont write anymore but I was just wondering if you have an acc or any fics that I can read???? hope you have a lovely dayy

also i think 8tracks ate like 2 songs and im kind of used to this kind of thing at this point tbh but this time it's really disappointing.. your mix is excellent, im sad i missed out on even a small part of it. again, a huge thanks, this is amazing. great music and a greater story

this mix is very cool and absolutely adorable. the annotations are works of art tbh. thank you for putting time &and effort into this, i enjoyed it immensely! q:3

i love this playlist so much! i listen to it all the time and the annotations make me tear up ahahah! ty for this

@gonfreecsz aaaa thank u :"D ur comment honestly made my night 300% better ! originally i was gonna write a fic in a killua's-angsty-online-blog-diary format, but im glad tht i just made it a playlist instead !!!