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the rise and fall.

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rest in fucking pieces, asshole.

  • Purple Tyrant (Wub Machine Remix) by Fludd121
    introducing Purple Guy.
  • Until the Ribbon Breaks by Until The Ribbon Breaks
    one way or another. i'm gonna find you. i'm gonna get you. // Purple Guy starts getting urges to kill - he's always had them, but now they are getting stronger. he starts studying possible victims.
  • Kill of the Night by Gin Wigmore
    you're my kill of the night. // the first victim has been chosen - a girl, 6 years old. pretty gullible. she had lost her parents at the diner and, seeing a chance, he lures her to the back with the promise he would try to find her parents. once they are there, he kills her. eventually, the girl's soul finds a marionette doll and hides in it.
  • In the House - In a Heartbeat by John Murphy
    the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th children are murdered. the missing children reports have brought quite some attention to F.F's Pizza, but no one suspects that the quiet, funny man who is adored by the kids is the murderer.
  • Stars "Dead Hearts" from Like Crazy 3:29 by RelativityMusicGroup
    they were kids that i once knew. // the funerals.
  • Don't Mess With Me by Temposhark
    it's been fun, but won't you please disappear? // it's been a while, and Purple Guy is ready to kill the 6th child, but something happens. time's up, can't finish the kill. leaves the kid in a coma instead, and abandons the unconscious child in an alley near the restaurant. the boy is brought to an hospital and, when the doctors realise there's no chance of him surviving, he gets put down. his soul wanders around town until he finds the pizza place again, and decides to possess the Golden Freddy suit.
  • Survive the Night by MandoPony
    you'll be so happy just as long as you survive the night. // the kids'souls have possessed the animatronics for 20 years now. the first game begins.
  • Just Desserts by Marina and the Diamonds & Charli XCX
    i'm glad that you crashed and burned. guys like you, they never learn. // the minigame by the end of FNaF 3 takes place here. P.G comes back to the pizza place, and is haunted by the ghosts of his victims. in an attempt to protect himself, he hides in a spare suit that he found in the back room. little did he know that the suit was put there because it was deadly to whoever wore it. he is killed by the animatronic devices inside it, and the kids can finally rest in piece, now that they've gotten their revenge.
  • MandoPony by Mandopony
    there was a time, not so long ago at all, i was just like you. can you hear my call? // Purple Guy's soul haunts Sprintrap's suit. FNaF 3 takes place here.
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