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teenage witch

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ok when I got to Love Lockdown I practicaly fainted. It's the best playlist I have EVER found on this website, really. Just... arghjs. Helps a lot when I'm writing!

ok not only is this playlist probs the best arrangment of tunes ive ever heard, but the art that you used for the cover is incredible and i now have found one of my favorite art tumblrs bc of this so thank you. you have blessed me

If there was a playlist that described me best it would probably be this one. Plus, I'm really feeling the cover art, where'd you get it from if I may ask? Absolutely beautiful and hella relatable. I love it!!! Thank you, love. :*

okay I saw your caption just now and I know where the art is from. That's what you get when you're not observant... lmao sorry!! :D