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It Had To Be You


Do you feel a certain sense of synergy between yourself and me?
A kind of macabre and somber WonderTwin type of harmony?

[Preciousmetalshipping mix, alternative rock/pop rock theme]

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10 tracks
1 comment on It Had To Be You

hey so... i need u to know this is my literal favorite preciousmetalshipping mix ever and i keep coming back to it every time i get back into the ship like... its been my fave for years, man. thank u for this

@TeeBug21 i havent touched 8tracks in literal years but went to look at my old fanmixes cause of a convo with a friend but seeing this comment made my glad you like it ;_; if i forget to import this to spotify once 8tracks goes down, i have the tracklist on my old tumblr astroadmiral under the tag kat’s fanmixes difdijfd i appreciate you listening to it :D