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Picking up the pieces

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1. In Ear Park by Department of Eagles
"Now that you're gone I have nothing but time to walk with your bags."
2. Heavy Water/I'd Rather Be Sleeping by Grouper
"I want a love I had inside, want to feel it moving through me."
3. Scarecrow by Delta Spirit
"Well you deserve applause for splitting me into; well I count you on the list of a mortal few."
4. Joe Tex, These Taming Blues by Phosphorescent
"Is it ever gonna not be so hard to see you around? Am I really really really really gonna have to really gonna have to really have to leave town?"
5. Empty by Ray LaMontagne
"Well I looked my demons in the eye laid bare my chest said do your best destroy me."
6. Sim Sala Bim by Fleet Foxes
"What makes me love you despite the reservations? What do I see in your eyes besides my reflection hanging high?"
7. Lull (Daytrotter session) by Andrew Bird
"Being alone, it can be quite romantic like Jacques Cousteau underneath the Atlantic. A fantastic voyage to parts unknown
going to depths where the sun's never shone, and I fascinate myself, sure I do when I'm alone."
8. Me-I by TV On the Radio
"Me, I made my bed for the very first!"
9. Life Fantastic by Man Man
"It's how you hide your cards. It's how you dress your scars, and let them breathe."
10. Jump In by High Places
"If you never take the first step you cannot go too far."
11. Solitude Is Bliss by Tame Impala
"You will never come close to how I feel."
12. I Feel Better by Hot Chip
"Nothing is wasted and life is worth living"
13. Paper Thin Walls by Modest Mouse
"I can't be blamed for nothing anymore. It's been a long time since you've been around."
14. ILU by School of Seven Bells
"So many times I've tried looking into your eyes for a sign
that maybe you feel the same, but you don't."
15. The Cave by Mumford and Sons
"Because I need freedom now and I need to know how to live my life as it's meant to be."