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"I don't see why people put so much value in things being natural."
He sold his heart to a demon because he felt pity. Now his eyes are glassy and doll-like. His charm is charmed and his hair is dyed. His words are lies and he quietly slips away whenever something becomes remotely unpleasant.
He'll only stay interested in a girl, so long as she wants nothing to do with him.
The day he spend less than an hour polishing his appearance, is the day he'll truly be in love.

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I really love this mix!! Some of these songs I wouldn't have considered for Howl! Just curious, whats your reasoning behind 'How to Save a Life'?

Hi! I was thinking that the song fit Sophie and Howl's relationship, particularly the third verse (Sophie knows best :P)... because Howl and Sophie saved each other. Howl was changed by his literal heartlessness, but Sophie taught him how to feel again. Meanwhile Sophie's interactions with Howl woke her up to how awesome she was. Thanks for the comment :)

Thank you for explaining! You did a really great job considering all the different aspects of Howl's personality and life! Great job again!