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Honest Affection


A calming and relaxing playlist perfect for: sleeping, detoxing from work, studying, or lounging around.

Artists include: Kye Kye, Vancouver Sleep Clinic, M83 & many more!


18 tracks
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Thank you so much, this is a lovely playlist. Kye Kye, especially with their Fatasize, just makes you about melt & is the type of Christian music I wish was more common & is so hard to find! Great list, thanks a bunch once again for this calming yet somehow psychedelic playlist!

@golden_reverie Oh my goodness thank you so much for the kind words! So glad you liked it! I'm also a massive fan of Kye Kye, especially their Fantasize album. It was actually the songs on Fantasize that inspired me to make this playlist! Thank you so much for listening!