Attic Salt
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I Know What I Am


To the ex that stalks all my accounts: Don't think all my friends and all your friends don't come to me complaining about how much you mope about me. Don't think I haven't heard this hilarious narrative you're putting out that I "ruined your ability to love" which I'm pretty sure you stole from some shitty Sherlock fanfic. I see you. I really wish I didn't. I haven't thought about you once since I cut you off two years ago. Yet here we are, because you couldn't keep your ineloquent mouth shut. So yes, as you had hoped, you've caught my attention. This playlist is dedicated to you. I hope as you listen to it you realize how insignificant you really are in my eyes, and it seems, everyone else's.
You can go stick and twist it now babe. ;)

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