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Night passage

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Wow. THANKS!!! My bro Marcus and I got such a good bit o' fun dancing out of this in our living room, and my gal Gretchen she just laughed and laughed so delighted at our playful groove to your playlist !

@Beesdreams ha amazing! So glad that you, Marcus and Gretchen enjoyed this. Hope you keep finding the grooves and look fwd to catching up w/ u on 8tracks

Pioneer Valley! Yes, are you familiar with the area? Thanks for checking this mix out, you might dig a few others I've done in this realm…and stay tuned for a new one soon

Always listening! Grew up in the area. Hometown is Wendell - went to school in Amherst. Keep rolling those good tunes!

No way! Small world. Why am I surprised? I haven't checked out Wendell yet, but have been to the Book Mill nearby. Love that area…any places you'd recommend I check out near there?