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Eyes Unclouded By Hate


[REUPLOADED] Stunning songs from Studio Ghibli films, primarily from the amazing duo that is Hayao Miyazaki and Joe Hisaishi. Tranquil, meditative, zen-like... and awesome for acing assignments.

11 tracks
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hi, your music is very beutiful, i know what tracks you have in your station? 8tracks will not let me see all of the ones i have heard today, but 8tracks allows me to see only two songs that i'm listening to now :)

Thank you! Here is the whole tracklisting:
Legend of Ashitaka – Princess Mononoke
Merry Go Round of Life – Joe Hisaishi
Sho’s Song – Cecile Corbel
Tsukamori nu Taijo (The Huge Tree in Tsukamori Woods) – Joe Hisaishi
The Name of Life – Spirited Away
The Promise of the World
Always With Me – Joe Hisaishi
One Summer’s Day – Spirited Away
Become the Wind
Arrietty’s Song (Instrumental)
My Neighbour Totoro