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7 comments on Antumbra

I am honestly on the verge of tears. This playlist is so so so beautiful, you did an amazing job. Now I am actually crying, wow, and I'm not even done listening to it! Tsugi Hug E - Seigen Tokuzawa really stood out to me, so far, as well as It was Really, Really Grey - Nils Frahm and The Gift - Johann Johannsson. The whole thing is gorgeous, I swear.

Wow, thanks! Tsugi Hug E is actually one of my favorite tracks out of this list. I'm really happy to hear how you were affected by the mix, because that was what I was going for, haha! :)

A fanmix is a playlist for something you're a fan of, like a tv show or a character from a movie. In this case it's for a Rise of the Guardians ongoing series of fanfic that I like called Shadows and Light. So... a fanwork of a fanwork, haha.