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Ace of Pentacles.

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cI don't know much about the Pentacles suit, as I've really only studied the Major Arcana and the Cups in depth before (I have a bad habit of not being able to keep up with my good habits, ha) so this is going to be an interesting way to learn about these other suits. I'm actually reading up on each card as I listen to the music as well, so it's a great little study session. Thank you for the opportunity to broaden my mind while listening to some awesome new music! Money and other practical things is also really hard for me to deal with so starting off with the Pentacles suit may not be my brightest move, but eh, I'll just go with the flow here. I really enjoyed YACHT's See a Penny, because it really drove home the idea that you have to start somewhere in gathering your fortune. It may only be a penny, but it's a practical first step. If you start with the little steps, you'll reach your goal-- which I think is what the Ace of Pentacles is all about, so that image really reaches out to me.