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Five of Pentacles.

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This is another theme I'm feeling a lot right now. It's matching my depressing mood and feelings of being inadequate so well right now. Hard Knock Life is the perfect phrase for this card. I also like how you brought in the health aspects with the song I Need A Doctor. The only song that I felt was a bit strange to put on this mix was Umbrella by Rihanna. This song is about hard times, yes, so I can understand why you might want to put it on the mix, but more than that though, it's about having someone to make it through the cold hard night with-- which I'm not sure is what this card represents. A big part of what this card represents is rejection, that feeling of having the door slammed in your face, like the last song on this mix represents, but the song Umbrella goes against that. It's a bit too cheery and happy, despite everything the people in the song are going through. Other than that though, I think this mix works rather well.