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The Empress. (III.)


Can suggest material reward, but only with the understanding that riches go with a generous and open spirit. Includes music by Air, Beach House, and Garbage. Tarot by

15 tracks
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I'm gonna write the first negative comment I have on your mixes. Okay, here goes, don't hate me: What It Feels Like for a Girl by Madonna doesn't strike me as an Empress song at all. it's not about taking care or feeling secure, it's actually a very insecure song. Girls Just Want to Have Fun Cyndi Lauper doesn't work for me either. I get that you were trying to explain the female essence of the card, but I think The Empress is a bit more deep than that. It's more about women than just being a silly girl. I don't know, I feel very conflicted about that song on this mix. I really like Because You Are a Woman by Brett Dennen and Mama, You Been on My Mind by Jeff Buckley though. I also love how you're ending each mix with a Disney song. As a Disney fan I'm appreciating this new look on Disney classics. My pick for this card would be the traditional 'Momma's Gonna Buy You A Mockingbird' lullaby.

@janet.jongebloed Thanks, after researching Madonna's own feelings while writing that song, I'm inclined to agree with you: "So that’s what that song came out of: You’re pregnant, your hormones are raging, and you can’t tell anyone." I took that song out and bumped up Tori Amos' "Playboy Mommy."