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What a brilliant idea! I once put together a mix with just one song for each card in the Major Arcana, but never a whole mix for each and every card! Wow! The amount of work that must have gone into this must have been a lot. I'm gonna start listening to all of them through. Seventy something hours here I come, heh! Great start to the tarot with the Fool card. It makes me want to get out there and take that first step forward. The only thing I would say is you repeat Born This Way. Was that an accident?

@janet.jongebloed Thank you for your lovely comment. It was a lot of work, and I try to maintain it like a garden, adding songs here and there and weeding out songs that don't resonate or interrupt the flow. Please feel free to leave any suggestions you might have on any card. If there's a song you've always connected with the energy of a certain card, please share it. Fixed "Born This Way." I don't know how that happened!

@audiotarot Ah, I see the minimix thing now! Anyway, you asked for it, I'll leave some comments for each card as I listen. This is gonna be fun! By the way, on my mix The Trail We Blaze by Elton John is the Fool song.

I am so very thankful I came across you on this site, what a musical treasure you are. Such a novel idea putting playlists to the tarot, a person after my own heart! I am so rarely surprised in this life, so in those moments when I am, I must say thank you. Thank you. I started following you, and sincerely look forward to listening to your mixes more tomorrow. Namaste and Blessings!

@phoenixfaithfromfire Sorry for the delay in responding... I once tried to write you and 8tracks wasn't letting me reply and then I quite forgot about it! Thank you for your kind comment. It's definitely a work in progress, and one that I wish I had time to devote more attention to. Anyway, thanks for listening, and I'm always open to feedback/suggestions. It's amazing how many of these mixes are true collaborations -- friends, colleagues, random strangers have all provided input. One of my favorite experiences is when someone suggests a song I've never heard for a tarot card... Like Janet did above... And I get to encounter not only a new song, but a new, nuanced and personal aspect of a card's archetype or meaning.