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The Hanged Man. (XII.)

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I've come back for more of your mixes, which I guess is a testament to how much I'm enjoying them! This one was pretty awesome. So many of my favorite songs were on this one (lots of Sarah McLachlan, who I love-- and there was her Hold On remix which is a bit hard to find so I was quite impressed with that addition!) I loved how this mix was so chill, kind of mellow and it gave the right mood to the Hanged Man card-- just kind of chilling there waiting for the next right move. I also enjoyed the amount of songs you had on here about relationships that were just kind of stuck in one form without the ability to move on to the next phase, with a lot of emphasis on letting go of things that were just not going to work. That's a perfect trope to look at the Hanged Man through. Excellent work here! Thanks for sharing it with the 8tracks community!

@janet.jongebloed Your feedback is giving me life. I've been meaning to sit down and write out thoughtful responses to each of your astute and considerate observations. I'm also eager to incorporate any suggestions you have, so please do include any when you post your review. It pleases me to no end that I've connected to at least one individual out there in the firmament via the strange hybrid I've constructed out of tarot and music.

@audiotarot I'm glad you're liking my reviews, I feel long winded sometimes so it makes me happy to know that you're getting something out of my comments :) I'm planning to go through all of your mixes and make comments on all of them, unfortunately sometimes I get bogged down with real life stuff.