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The High Priestess. (II.)


Poses a challenge to you to go deeper — to look beyond the obvious, surface situation to what is hidden and obscure. Includes music by iamamiwhoami, Bat For Lashes, and Delerium.

15 tracks
2 comments on The High Priestess. (II.)

Your whisper-y ambient musical sense works really wonderfully with the themes of the High Priestess. I like that you used Bjork in this mix. I never thought about it before but I think she practically LIVES in the feeling of the High Priestess. The feeling of the dreamlike unconscious is strong with that one, heh. Delerium was also a great pick for artist. I like how you seem to pick artists that have that feeling about them and not just the song. It shows how deep the meaning of your picks go. Brilliant stuff here!