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The Tower. (XVI.)


Having tried everything else, a hero must sometimes slap someone who is groggy or babbling to snap them out of it. Similarly, sudden crises are life's way of telling you to wake up. Something's wrong, and you're not responding. Includes music by Lykke Li, the Antlers, and Elbow. Tarot by

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I was a bit apprehensive about listening to this mix given some of the things that I am going through in my own life right now and the triggers The Tower card usually brings up with me. I am not good with sudden change, hell, I'm not good with change of any sort but you have done something very psychologically pleasing in this mix. You made change inevitable but not as terrible as I would have thought! Bring Me To Life is such a great call to arms song, it says hey, you've been dead but here comes something suddenly new and you have to wake the hell up now. I never really looked at The Tower that way, but you're right, it's not all bad. I really liked one of the lines of the chorus of Sky Might Fall by Kid Cudi too, the part that says "sky might be falling but remember you can fly high". That just sums up the positive side of this card so well. If you're using a gentle tarot (some of my cards are gentle, some just like to bitch at me, hehe), it would be just the thing it would be telling you when you get this card in a spread. The repeated line in Falling From The Sun by The Album Leaf was beautiful as well, "We'll find a way to fall". Such hope in that line! I also loved the falling metaphors in so many of these songs, like the tower falling down. Thank you so much for the positive vibes this mix gave me. It really reached down inside me and healed that part that is not looking forward to clearing the wreckage after my latest Tower falling down adventure. In my own tarot mix, I have In A New York Minute by Eagles, but now looking back I think it may be too depressing, heh.