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The World. (XXI.)

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Ah! We've reached the end of the Major Arcana and I am still very entertained by your mixes! These playlists are so great for meditating to while thinking of the cards and learning some of the nuances of these archetypes. I really enjoyed the Sarah Brightman remix of Wonderful World, it's such a beautiful look at the beautiful world that we have been given. I've never heard that version of the song before, which is another reason why I love your mixes-- a lot of the songs are new to me and I'm hearing them for the first time, which is especially nice when they're covers of songs I've heard a million times before. Though, I have to say I feel like this mix suffers from the same thing that your Sun mix did: the lack of happy, feel good songs without the jadedness to them. Take The World Is Not Enough by Garbage for instance, when I think of The World card it's about having everything that you need, but in her song she's singing about not being satisfied, that even if she had the world she would still need more. It seems a tad too materialistic to be on this playlist. And Sarah McLachlan's song is a bit depressing as well when it talks about how the world is on fire and falling apart and it doesn't really seem to be about completion but instead about the struggle in the middle of the chaos. I don't know, it might be something to look at in the future. On my own mix, I have Ella Fitzgerald's I Got Rhythm for The World, which is a bit happier-- though I find it interesting that your Tower playlist is cheerier than mine would have been and your World is more depressing. My psychoanalytical brain is buzzing about what that could mean, lol. This was a fun jaunt through the Major Arcana though, which took me many months but never lost my interest (even when real world stuff prohibited me from listening when I wanted to), now it's on to the Minor Arcana! Thanks!