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Young - Air Review
The Best Is Yet To Come - Sheppard
There's A Cloud In My Brain - Jonas Bjerre
No. 1 Party Anthem - Arctic Monkeys
Satellite - Mew
Junk Of The Heart (Happy) - The Kooks
Shots - Imagine Dragons
Learn Me Right - Birdy & Mumford & Sons (Brave)
O-o-h Child - The Five Stairsteps (Guardian of The Galaxy)
Walking On A Dream - Empire Of The Sun
Hold Back The River - James Bay
Where No One Goes - John Powell

Howdy Calbin!

Made this mixtape as your late birthday present hopefully this mixtape could brighten your gloomy day, or maybe you could use this as an ultimate anthem to boost your mood.

And this is also my way of expressing my platonic admiration to someone inspiring like you, although you're a bit stubborn (yeah, sometimes only think for the worst situation without having a little try) and pissed me off sometimes (maybe a lot) with your bad jokes,
but thank you for existing and being a good friend anyway!

Calbin, have you ever think that we've got a lot similarities in many aspects, I feel like see the other me inside of you, I think what you think, I see what you see, etc.
Its like we're (MENTALLY) twins but born different, different individual, and different preferance at almost everything! Including our support for a football club.
Its like we're completely different but still twins lol dunno what I'm saying tho.

Yeah, I guess this is it, I think I probably cant see you for a while because you will be striving for a scholarship, and you might be busy with your own business and work for a long time, right?

As a way of saying a temporary goodbye I just wanna say
"You've done a great job Nobel, you're indeed a great leader and I'm a huge fan of it, even though.....
Yeah, you already knew lah your presidency is kinda mess. But..
I will finish what you have started. I promise, I will continue your legacy and make it all work!. Wish me luck"

Once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Calbin Novel :)
Good luck for your further life, STAY POSITIVE, STOP CURSING THE DARKNESS and LIGHT UP SOME CANDLES because in every dark cloud there will be always a silverlining.
I hope you will be successful in the near future, achieve whatever you want to achieve, be whatever you want to be, longlast with your girlfriend (you guys inspires me a lot, hopefully me and Isha could be as sweet as you too), have a long life, and be healthy!


P.S: Don't get me wrong, I made this because you're one of my good friend (and my almost mentally twins),
I think it is not wrong to make something that could cheer you up a little bit, is it?
I put some songs here, and I think you probably like it.
Plug your earphone on, enjoy the mixtape!

I put a tracklist above in case you need it, and made a handcraft version too for you, and Nico :)

Yours truly,

your living zombie, level 02.